How is it going, y’all?

Its been a hell of a week with school, puppies, and RPGs.

What should I rant about his time?

Hey! You should rant about how much you hate people that roll without asking?

Nah, kinda did that earlier.

What about a long-winded rant about how much you think D&D isn’t the problem, the community is?

Nope. It sounds way too preachy for this week. I need an easy one.

*In a bad British accent* HeY, Why NOt RauUNt AbooT BaD ACcenTs?


You Don’t Need to do an Accent to be a Good Roleplayer

They are not mutually exclusive!

Accents aren’t bad, actually. The people that overuse them are! There is a big difference between getting into character and using a borderline racist accent. It’s not a good look for the table or the hobby as a whole.

If your accent makes people not playing the game at the nerd store you’re in turn their heads and glance at you, that’s not a good thing. There are many better ways to draw a crowd or make your character memorable, but an accent should never be one of them.

An interesting character becomes memorable by what they do in the story that’s being told, not by how you used that old British accent to voice them THE WHOLE GAME. Bad accents make it hard to understand what someone says, too!

If you want to be a good roleplayer, practice your improve skills and play more games. The return on investment for the time you put into those is infinitely times more than time put into practicing a bad accent.

But Rusty, How Do I Do a Good One?

Changing your tone and mannerisms will always be more effective than a lousy accent and less disruptive!

Instead of accents, try practicing changing the tone of your voice some to fit the way your character talks. 

Think of it as an accent-lite. 

A slight change to your voice and how you hold yourself when you speak in character will tell people that you’re talking in character without disrupting the flow or making other’s ears bleed.

It’s a short one this week, but I feel like its a valuable lesson. I may go more in-depth in the future.

Hope y’alls weeks are good!

Until next time,

– Rusty