Happy weekend, everyone! Hope y’all are staying safe out there.

In the Rusty Bunker, we have been pretty fortunate despite the current situation in the world right now. This quarantine has luckily not changed my working situation much, besides increasing my workload and work hours, which is more than most can say. We in the bunker are very fortunate, as many don’t have their jobs anymore, such as my roommates and lady, but we have my income to help get us by in these trying times.

One less important but still felt change to us in the bunker is the lack of opportunities to game in person. It was one of the things I looked forward to the most in a week, but the virus has shut many of our FLGSs down until it passes. It’s kind of hard to have an in-person game when you’re supposed to be social distancing.

We have since moved our games to online-only, but it doesn’t have the same feel as sitting around a table and shooting the sit with your friends while playing an RPG. I know I’m walking up to the scene of a car crash complaining about how my bike’s chain broke, but it is something that I certainly notice missing from my routine. That, and going out and about. I have left the house a total of 3 times since this whole thing started because work has had me so swamped, and the normal things that got me out of the bunker are canceled until further notice. Getting couped up while on quarantine is a thing, and boy howdy I’m feeling it.

Eh, we’ll be fine in the end, but I know a lot of folks in our group are having a hard time of things right now and could use an outlet like playing games with friends.

To help out our fellow nerds, we here at Crypt Robber’s Union #3 are planning on hosting more online games to help others feel less couped up. There is a major issue with it, though; we only have so much time these days to run games due to work and other obligations. Don’t fret! We have a plan: shorter, more frequent gaming sessions online via Discord and roll20.

I’m planning on hosting at least one more weekly game, but want to fit in another. The thing is that these games will be half of the normal length of a standard Rusty game, clocking in at 1:30 per session. I used to run a weekly Monday game that was only an hour and a half long to help others with tight schedules get games in, and it worked out very well! This quarantine seems like an ideal time to start another game or two of this style to help get as many players rolling dice!

I’m hoping to use one of them to complete the final playtests of the RPG I wrote, Life After. I hope we can manage complete it!

Wish me luck and stay safe, everyone!

– Rusty