A lot has been going on in Rusty’s life lately! Lots of great games and rules tested.

I am running a weekly Life After game to playlets the rules outside of the normal public playtest to help catch errors and test some of the newer rules to the game.

So, I just wrapped up episode 2 of a wild wasteland style game in Life After at the request of my normal Saturday gaming table, and it just keeps better and better. We all decided to try to playtest as many aspects of the game and rules as we could from a player’s perspective, leading to an interesting cast for the playtest. Here is a list of characters and what they hope to test by playing them:

Hank the Doctor – a Pilot Ripper with a rad suit of power armor to help him get to allies and heal them under his shield. He is definitely a healer tank.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Power Armor – How Aegis works compared to Armor, how to handle power usage, and damage to the suit’s systems.

                  Healing – Being the crew’s main source of healz, I want to see how much healing potential the Ripper actually has, with and without using items.

Salty John – a Gambler Bastard that loves to push his luck and talk his way out of trouble.

        Rules to be tested:

                  How luck is triggered – Luck is an interesting stat to try to trigger as a player in LA. When it is a luck roll and when is no roll triggered at all? What’s the nuance behind it?

                  Sniping and long-range firefights – Sniper killer is a great ranged move, so I am excited to see the test of the rules with a blending of luck into it.

Detective Rick Mexico – a Bionic Investigator that is totally a vampire.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Taking damage – DRM has taken the most damage by far in the game, suffering a brutal wound and a severe wound in 2 games. What’s it like to have to heal? What happens after you suffer a brutal wound in the long run?

                  Harming another through narrative positioning alone – Though his Strength is low, he packs quite a wallop. With his bionic arms, he has near-superhuman strength. If he gets his hands on someone, he can easily break bones and hurt them, but his skill at fighting isn’t very good, so it’ll be interesting to see how he circumvent the mechanics to exploit his narrative advantages.

                  Accumulating useful info during a scene and how that’s used in the meta and narrative both – using his move to gather information, he is easily able to spot potential danger, gain useful info for the scene, or even see plot! It’ll be super handy to have them on the team.

Rex Dugan – a Creator Upgraded that is the team tech nerd and maker of cool items.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Integrating with tech – What happens when a cyborg tries to hack tech remotely? What could be a possible consequence of this?

                  Creating useful items – What is it like to make items for certain situations as a player? What does it take, and how long, depending on the ask?

Johnny Guitar – a Lucky Fool Face that uses his words as a weapon to get themselves out of a situation that their luck can’t.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Smooth-talking – Talking your way out of a fight is my go-to as a player, personally. I am excited to see how using social-based moves will impact the party’s disposition on their journey.

                  Bluffing – Bluffing is a dangerous art, but it is very useful if handled correctly. Having a move to help you bluff your way out of trouble or into an advantageous position will be fun to see, both narratively and mechanically.

Peter – a Blitzed Criminal is the team in no matter where they go.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Close range gunfights with small damage die – Its always interesting to see a non-combat-based character try to play a bigger role in fights. As an Investigator, Peter’s damage die is small compared to most combat classes, so seeing how he will use his inconspicuous nature to give himself a leg up on opponents will be fun. Also, that silenced .22 will be very helpful.

                  Criminal networks – Having an in in every place you go is a huge boon. I can’t wait to see how this is exploited.

                  Behind the scenes cap generation – Peter has established a small criminal network to trade prohibited and in-demand goods, so he is always making some money. I can’t wait to see how he will use this to his advantage.

Texas Red – a Ghoul Ranger that’s not only a hell of a shot but a walking hazard for those on her bad side.

        Rules to be tested:

                  Close range gunfights – As another close rage gunman, Texas Red is using her soap shooting to help test how these engagements work.

                  Ghoulish Nature mechanic – Being a Ghoul, TR has to track a particular type of Special Damage called her Ghoulish Nature. If it gets too high, she can risk going feral. Most of your GN is accumulated through narrative actions you take to tap into your Ghoul side, so I want to see how far they are willing to push it.

I’ll type up the playtest reports for the following post, but for now, thanks for reading this short update!

Wish me luck on the continuing playlists!

⁃ Rusty